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Life Insurance

How would you assess your life insurance coverage?

In order to assess your coverage (Sum assured), you need to consider different factors such as-

How many financial dependends you have

How much debt/liabilities, including home loan, auto loan do you have

Health Insurance

What is health insurance?

It is a type of insurance coverage which covers medical and surgical expenses of the insured. Besides, it covers Costs for emergency ambulance, hospital per day allowance, medicines bill etc.

Motor Insurance

What is Motor Insurance?

Motor Insurance policy provides your vehicle protection against financial losses if it gets damaged or stolen. Also, if covers liabilities for injuries, damages to others caused by your car. Some insurers have come up with innovative coverage such as

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I was confused with various options, but insurance expert at helped me understand the different product features.
-Hardeep Singh is one of the best online comparison sites for life insurance. It helped me in getting the right policy.
-Preeti Bhatia

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