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Edelweiss Tokio - Edelweiss Tokio Life - CritiCare±

About The Plan

In the hustle & bustle of life, we don’t get time to take care of our health that increases the chance of getting ill with severe health diseases such as cancer and heart attack. A critical illness put a risk on your health plus huge medical costs that you may have to bear on your pocket.

Here is Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+ to assist you. It is a non-linked and non-participating critical illness health plan that provides coverage against 17 critical illnesses. In case of a critical illness, this plan helps you ensure that you can easily manage your medical expenses plus day-to-day expenses of your family. This plan provides you a lump sum benefit on diagnosis of critical illness.

With multi-claim option, you will be able to make claims up to 3 times in case you are faced with other critical illness. Another important benefit of this plan is that upon making the first claim, the future premiums are waived off and policy continues to avail the protection benefits.

Key Features

Protection against 17 critical illnesses.

Multi-claim option allows you to claims up to 3 times during the policy term.

Avail waiver of future premiums after the first claim and protection continues for the term of the policy.

Get the lump sum benefit on diagnosis of critical illness.

Avail tax benefits under prevailing Income Tax Act.Grab discounts for higher Sum Assured.

Grab discounts for higher Sum Assured.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum sum assured is 5 lakhs & maximum sum assured is 100
  • Minimum entry age is 18 years & maximum entry age is 65 years
  • Minimum policy term is 5 years & maximum policy term is 30 years
  • Premium payment mode is Annual
  • Maturity benefits are Nil
  • Grace period is 30 days


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